Our Mission is to Help You Build and Scale a Multifamily Real Estate Business the Right Way…a Business That Will Ensure Financial Security For You and Your Family and Leave a Lasting Legacy.

Who Is Charles Dobens?

In the past 15 years, Charles personally bought, sold, and traded over $50 million worth of properties. Alongside this impressive achievement, he trained and mentored his clients on their way to over $3 billion in multi-family properties.

An acknowledged industry leader, Charles stands at the forefront of innovation and entrepreneurship. Drawing on his vast professional experience as a business owner and a lawyer, he conceptualized and developed the MultifamilyOS™ – a state-of-the-art system for multifamily businesses. This system includes self-paced, masters-level training, one-on-one mentorship with Charles himself, and a customized multifamily investor marketing software system built for your target market. The MultifamilyOS™ also includes two dedicated marketing assistants, staffed and trained by Charles, but working for you. Using our system, new multifamily investors can establish and grow their investment business efficiently and with confidence and outpace the competition starting on day-one.

In 2023, Charles again redefined the industry with the Hotel to Apartment Conversion program. It expands the reach of the MultifamilyOS™ to capitalize on an extraordinary and time-sensitive market opportunity. Investors can now diversify their property portfolios by including hotel-to-apartment conversions and unlock new avenues for growth and wealth creation.

We invite you to join Charles and our close-knit community on this exciting journey and discover the power of the MultifamilyOS™ to propel your multifamily business to new heights.

45+ Years of Experience

Graduated from Boston College

Career Begins!

Purchased First Investment Property

Started investing in small properties while learning from some of the largest real estate investors in New Hampshire.

Graduated From Law School

Focused on Real Estate and Contract Law while working full-time with four kids.

Started Benefits Administration Firm

Left a successful insurance sales business to start a competing business. Grew it to 35 employees and over $3MM in annual revenue.

Purchased First 40-unit Property

Finally had enough, burnt the ships and sold the insurance business focusing entirely on his dream of growing a multifamily business.

Grew portfolio to over 1,000 apartment units

Using many tactics like no-money down, master lease options and syndication, grew his portfolio to over $30MM in multifamily property!

Market Crashed. Many Lessons Learned.

Lost some properties. Kept some properties. Persevered and moved forward. Learned that success is a lousy teacher.

Started the Multifamily Investing Acadmey

Building upon those hard lessons, Charles started teaching other multifamily investors the RIGHT way to build a multifamily business utilizing his legal training, entrepreneurial business-building training and real estate investing experience.

Created the MultifamilyOS™ System

Having learned that all businesses are nothing more than systems to generate profits, Charles created a turnkey program that provides new investors with sales and marketing systems and staff to build your business and find deals.

Created the H2A Conversion Model

Anticipating the coming demand for affordable housing and the glut of COVID-devastated hotels, Charles and his student David Peters created the H2A Incubator to create 100,000 new affordable housing units in the next 10 years.



Building a successful business requires a vision plus the resources to get you there. That’s why we invested in a system-based solution – the MultifamilyOS™. It combines master level training, powerful marketing software, dedicated resources and personal mentorship to deliver predictable and repeatable outcomes. And we’re not done! We’re opening up new channels to the investor with the Hotel to Apartment Conversion program, a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to help communities address the housing shortage while you build personal equity and wealth.


We have an unwavering commitment to honesty, transparency, and ethical practices. Our integrity shines through in our willingness to disclose any conflicts of interest and to prioritize the best interests of our students over personal gain. Furthermore, we foster a supportive learning environment where questions are encouraged and answered with honesty and clarity. By consistently acting with integrity, we’ve built a business with the reputation for being a reliable source of guidance in the complex world of multifamily investing.


Our singular priority is your success. We go above and beyond to provide comprehensive training, practical strategies, and valuable insights tailored to the unique needs of every member. This commitment is evident in our dedication to staying updated with the latest industry trends and sharing relevant knowledge. We actively engage with our students, offering ongoing support and guidance throughout their multifamily investing journey. We ensure our clients receive the necessary tools, resources, and mentorship to make informed decisions and navigate the multifamily market with confidence.

“Ultimately, our success is measured by the achievements and positive outcomes experienced by our members.” 

– Charles Dobens

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